October 04, 2005

On Luck

We attribute to luck anything we do not understand because it is beyond what we are able or willing to grasp.

God created us with freedom, and it is in the use of this freedom that things appear to happen by chance. However, there is a reason behind every action. The causative agent may not have intended the effect. Nevertheless, the agent acted with intent. Therefore, there is no random, chance event.

God also has the power to intervene into our world and change the course of events - whether they be spiritual, supernatural, or natural. In addition, God can suspend natural laws in order to carry out His loving purposes.

Not only that, He can also use the freedom of men to meet His purposes without suspending natural laws -- the great deal on a car, the free lunch, the conversation with a friend where He answers a question before you ask.

Finally, there are things in which God chooses to not play a role, but rather, He respects and delights in the freedom with which He created us. It is like a father, who after showing his son the why's and how's of saw use, takes great joy in seeing his son's box made of wood, not because of the box itself, but because it is an expression of the will of his son.

Nevertheless, Paul says that all things work for the good of those who are called according to His purpose, which is love. With every situation God desires to show us His love and invites us to participate in it.


Meta-jester has commented on providence and chance with respect to the intelligent design debate over on Real Physics.


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On Luck