October 18, 2005

Real Presence series

C.S. Lewis has been a hero of the faith for me as well as countless others. The candid nature with which he handles doubts and modern objections (many of which plague me intermittantly) astounds me and leaves me wondering how I could miss what seems obvious after reading him. In a little book titled Real Presence, Leanne Payne beautifully pulls Lewis' worldview together in one piece. Drawing on his letters, fiction, and other writings, Payne shows how Lewis' worldview largely consisted of what she terms "incarnational reality" (explained below). I've read this book several times and would like to summarize it here. I may bring in points external to this book, but this series will primarily be an introduction to the book--mainly because I think it is worth the attention.

Forewords by John R. Sheets, S.J. and Wayne Martindale
1. Introduction: Incarnational Reality
2. God, Super-Nature, and Nature
3. Sacrament: Avenue to the Real
4. Spirit, Soul, and Body
5. Till We Have Faces
6. We've Been "Undragoned"
7. The Great Dance
8. The Way of the Cross
9. The Whole Intellect
10. The Whole Imagination I: Surprised by Joy
11. The Whole Imagination II: The Two Minds
Appendix: The Great Divorce

This will serve as a base for 12 posts on Leanne Payne's Real Presence, subtitled "The Christian Worldview of C.S. Lewis as Incarnational Reality." These posts will roughly follow the structure of the book with the 1st including the front matter and chapter 1 and the 12th including the appendix:

1. Introduction to Leanne Payne and her Real Presence
2. God, Super-Nature, and Nature


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Real Presence series